Dear Alumnae and Friends,alex

I hope this letter finds you well!  Here in Charlottesville, we are gearing up for an exciting spring.  On April 1st, we will participate in a collaborative concert with the Virginia Glee Club and two guest groups: Chicago Men’s A Cappella and the Roanoke Oriana Singers. As much as I love singing in a women’s chorus, I always love joining with men’s groups because I am reminded of the great sound we can achieve when we have some bass!  I am excited to sing with so many voices and to meet the many singers coming into town.  We are thankful to the Glee Club for inviting us to take part in this joint concert, and look forward to singing again on the stage within Old Cabell Hall.

Luckily, we will not have to wait long to sing there again!  On April 22nd, we will host our Earth Day spring concert.  We have been working hard to learn and memorize an impressive number of pieces, all centered around the intricate beauty of Earth and its power to lift our spirits.  I have already gotten emotional once in rehearsal from our music, and I have no doubt that some audience members will do the same during the concert.  I sincerely hope you will be able to join us as we share our music and love of the Earth with the community.

Later this semester, we are also looking forward to continuing our chorus traditions in the lovely warm weather.  In April, we will lug our tired legs up Humpback Rock to see the sunrise, and we will sing on the lively downtown mall to spread the word for our concert.  For Spring dinner, we will bring hot mac n cheese and chocolate chip cookies, the staples in our frequent potlucks, to a university garden to celebrate the year.  We will laugh about the ridiculous things that happened this semester, and we’ll cry as our fourth years testify their love of chorus.  I hope that you, as alumnae, also look back on your time in chorus as fondly as our current fourth years, and know that the chorus community misses you dearly.

To end on a positive note, please remain in contact with chorus in any way possible!  I would be thrilled to have you join us for our spring concert and the following reception, and know that we greatly value connecting with our alumnae.

 Have a wonderful spring!


Alex Salesin

Vice President, Virginia Women’s Chorus


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