Zeta Psi Restoration Update (10)

August 9, 2017

We are nearing the end of our summer restoration work and the brothers will be moving back into the house the end of next week.

Thanks again to Phil and his team, we have accomplished a great deal this summer and the inside is looking great. By the end of next week, we will have accomplished almost all the work we had planned for the inside restoration. The major remaining project is the new terrace and outside area behind the house. We were not able to coordinate all the necessary approvals and plans to complete that job this summer, so this big project will be completed next summer.

The attached photo file documents the work on the numerous projects we have completed this summer. These projects include: re-plastering of the walls, ceiling and crown moldings in the first floor party room and library; a new mantel in the party room; floor and wall restoration, and new lofts, in the three downstairs bedrooms and hallways; fresh paint on all walls and ceilings on the first floor; repairing, sanding, staining and sealing all floors on the first floor; removal of all old flooring and the installation of new flooring throughout the basement; building a new bar in the downstairs party room and installing a new outside door that lets more light into that room; furnishing the dining room with new tables and benches; and establishing the new landscaping and lawn in front of the house.

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Don Laing

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