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Board of Trustees Update

Matt Terry (’02)

After 10 years volunteering on the Board of Trustees and serving the last five years as Chairman, I am writing my last Chairman’s article. I have enjoyed working with the various leaders of the active Chapter and those alumni who have volunteered their time on the BOT and in other capacities to improve the Delta Chapter. I look forward to finding new ways of assisting with the Chapter’s continued growth.
The BOT welcomed three new members during this academic year: Adam Goldberg (’04), D. Christopher Lewis (’06), and Andrew Velarde (’05). There are several ways you can become involved, as an alumnus, with the progress we are making at the Chapter. Board of Trustees meetings are typically held three times during the academic year: the start of the first semester, the start of the second semester, and the end of the second semester. Outside of the work that the Board does directly, there are opportunities to assist with organizing and carrying out reunions, publishing the Delta Dispatch, and maintaining the Chapter House. I would invite any of you who are potentially interested to email John Wells ( or Bill Beisswanger (
We are moving toward professional property maintenance of the Chapter House with Piedmont Facilities Management. One of the main advantages of moving toward professional property maintenance is reduced time from the reporting of an issue to its resolution, since we will not be relying on the availability of a full-time student or volunteer alumnus. Also, having an individual who routinely inspects the property should help to spot maintenance issues before they become serious repair issues. In recent years, Piedmont Facilities Management has been the primary contractor completing the small projects that fall beyond the expertise of the House Manager and many of the larger projects that require professional skill. We foresee many benefits to professional property maintenance, and plan to move in this direction beginning this fall.
As always, please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions or suggestions. I can be reached via email at or via phone at 434-466-5190. I hope to see many of you in Charlottesville for the big reunion this fall!