Improvements Continue At 125 Chancellor

Matt Terry (’02)

We completed two high-priority projects – the foyer floor and the water lines – last summer, and that will allow us to tackle several smaller, but key, projects this summer. As many of you have no doubt noticed, the original bricks forming the front walkway have eroded and become uneven. Furthermore, the mortar in the joints is cracked, loosening several bricks. We plan on replacing the walkway with new brick, using sand joints, which is more common for walkways and patios than mortar joints. Also, the railing that frames the second-floor balcony, while structurally sound, should be replaced with one that is taller than is currently in place. This will make it more difficult for people to sit on the railing and increase safety for those walking around on the balcony. The final project for which we anticipate having funding this coming summer is the replacement of the door leading out to the balcony, which has become irreparable through a combination of wear and tear, party damage by a guest, and vandalism.

A significant portion of last summer was spent working through the repair of the foyer floor. The floor was completely replaced from the joists up and sub-floor was installed, which is uncommon in older homes and which provides added strength to the floors ($11,000). Further, a supporting beam anchored to concrete pillars was installed at the mid-span of the party room floor joists for reinforcement until a more permanent solution can be implemented. Thankfully, the insurance company paid for both the repair costs in excess of our deductible ($2,500) and a portion of the housing displacement costs. However, the floors in the common areas of the House were not designed for the loads that they currently face. In fully replacing the party room floors, the goal will be to install a structure that can carry the dynamic loads presented by a large group of people dancing. While we are seeking budgetary estimates from contractors for this scope of work, it could be in excess of $20,000.
Finally, we were able to complete the replacement of the water supply and sewer lines. The galvanized supply line coming from the meter into the House was badly corroded, largely held together by the earth around it. Also, the supply lines from the House to the Worthy Master’s Cottage were replaced, to correct slow leaks in the pipe wall. Finally, the section of sewer line that passes through the foundation was repaired and the pipe penetrations through the foundation were repaired to prevent groundwater incursion.
That is what your generous donations in the last year have gone to fund and where we anticipate needing to fill funding gaps. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. I can be reached via email at and via phone at 434-466-5190.