Action Required: Finishing the New 125 Chancellor Street


By the end of April, the New 125 Chancellor Street will be completed! Please see below for some of the latest pictures, and you can see the full progression of this $2.4 million project from start to finish on our chapter website.

Alumni generosity has brought us to this point, and we need alumni generosity to get us to the finish line. We are approximately $130,000 short of the funds we need to cover the final construction invoice due May 31. We’ve made some progress on the original $155,000 shortfall we were projecting in November, but we need a much stronger donation response from our alumni to get us over the finish line. Any amount you can pitch in is welcome and appreciated. No amount is too small!

We have a beautiful new house and an energized Active Chapter ready to occupy it. But this dollar amount and deadline are very real. Falling short here at the goal line is not an option. If we want 125 Chancellor to remain an ATΩ house, if we want the Delta Chapter to continue, we need your support and we need it now.

To set up a one-time or recurring donation online, please visit the ATΩ Delta donation page. To donate by check, make the check out to ATΩ Capital Fund and address it to:

UVA Fund
c/o Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
P.O. Box 400314
Charlottesville, VA 22904

If you have any questions about the Capital Campaign, construction process, room sponsorship, or other donor recognition incentives, please contact John Sweeney at or 931-510-0023.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to ATΩ Delta.


The ATΩ Delta Board of Trustees

Help Complete the Campaign