Secrecy in Beta Theta Pi

The Omicron Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is proud of it’s exceptional administrative and governing bodies and the business they conduct; therefore, we are completely transparent regarding all chapter operations and policies such as our dry house, budget allocations, and strict prohibition of hazing. This often leads to confusion as to the realm of secrecy and its purpose within our Brotherhood. Whether you are a fellow Greek, prospective rushee, or an inquiring parent, we hope this article will clarify any ambiguity you may have.

Written by MacGregor Hill, William & Mary ’04
An Excerpt from the General Fraternity’s Website

In the introduction to his book Betas of Achievement William Raimond Baird, Stevens 1878/Columbia 1881 wrote that Beta Theta Pi was, “a secret society, but, as a matter of fact, the secrecy was purely nominal and its aims and purposes might have been freely disclosed without fear of criticism or comment.” Does today’s world offer negative external consequences for divulging Beta Theta Pi’s three principles and seven obligations?

Even if no irreparable damage were to come to Beta Theta Pi, many members would surely be disappointed if the Fraternity’s principles and obligations were posted on the internet for the entire world to see. In the hearts and minds of many, the radiant black enamel of the badge would somehow be tarnished and something about the nature of the organization would be forever changed.

This troubling scenario poses some interesting questions for Beta Theta Pi. Most significantly, why is secrecy important to the Fraternity and its members?

Historical Perspective

Understanding Purpose

An Internal Obstacle

The Future of Secrecy

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