The positions that effectively make up the Bolívar Network Board are the Board Co-Chairs, Vice-Chair for Admissions, Vice-Chair for Alumni Community Engagement, Vice-Chair for Fundraising & Development, Vice-Chair for Professional Development, Vice-Chair for Scholarships & Awards, the Secretary, Vice-Chair for Social Media & Communications, and Vice-Chair for Student Groups.

Descriptions for each position are below:

Board Co-Chairs:

The Board C-Chairs shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the Board. The Executive Chair is in charge of overseeing the Executive Committee and the entire Bolívar Network. They should be in regular communication with: (1) the Alumni Hall liaison, and (2) the Assistant Dean of Students working with the Latino/Latin American community. While the Board is not in session, the Executive Chair(s) shall have all of the authority of the Board in the management of the business and affairs of the Network, subject to limitations upon its authority that the Board may impose by majority resolution. In no event shall the Executive Chair(s) have sole authority to approve amendments to the by-laws of the Network, the disposition of any property and assets of the Network, or
the dissolution of the Network.


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the records of the Bolívar Network. This includes compiling and storing the minutes of meetings. Where the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting, they must coordinate with the Board Co-Chairs to designate a replacement. The Secretary is also responsible for working with Alumni Hall and the chairs of every committee to assure the accurate collection of alumni contact information and communications.

Vice-Chair for Admissions:

The Vice-Chair for Admissions is responsible for working with the Admissions office to oversee the enrollment of Latinx, Hispanic, and Latin American students. This includes actively participating with recruitment efforts and on grounds welcome activities. They will be in direct contact with the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP).

Vice-Chair for Alumni Community Engagement:

The Vice-Chair for Alumni Community Engagement will endeavor to bring new members into the Network, develop partnerships with other organizations, host networking events/career panels, and oversee the creation of Bolivar Network City Chapters. The Committee will work to increase the diversity of the organization to reach out to a wide variety of student communities and potential partners.

Vice-Chair for Fundraising & Development:

The Vice-Chair for Fundraising & Development shall be responsible for developing an annual fundraising plan and identifying and pursuing potential contributors to the Scholarship Fund.

Vice-Chair for Professional Development:

The Vice-Chair for Professional Development is responsible for overseeing the platforms of LinkedIn and WahooConnect, as well as creating job opportunities postings, enabling connections amongst professionals in various fields, hosting workshops for job-related activities, and coordinating alumni for professional advice panels. 

Vice-Chair for Scholarships & Awards:

This Vice-Chair for Scholarship & Awards is responsible for coordinating the selection of scholarship recipients, community awards, and the distribution of scholarship funds. This includes, but is not limited to, dissemination and collection of application materials, review of applications, presentation of applications for voting at the spring Board meeting, making certificates for scholarship and community award recipients, and coordinating with the recipients and Alumni Hall for the disbursement of scholarship funds.

Vice-Chair for Social Media & Communications:

The Vice-Chair for Social Media & Communications will frame and disseminate the Network’s message, and will be responsible for mailings, newsletters, website updates, and all social medial platforms.

Vice-Chair for Student Groups:

The Vice-Chair for Student Groups is responsible with connecting the Bolívar Network to the various Latinx, Hispanic, Latin American student organizations on grounds. This includes, helping promote organization events, establishing partnerships, and providing a direct link between the alumni and undergraduate community.

General Board Members:

Want to get involved with the Bolívar Network as a general board member or committee-specific member? Contact for more information.