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Pablo J. Davis Award

Pablo J. Davis Award 

Office of Student Life

Pablo J. Davis, a historian and musician, served the Office of Student Life within the Office of the Dean of Students from January 1999 through August 2003. He was the University’s first Assistant Dean of Students with primary responsibility for Hispanic/Latino and Latin American students, services, and programs.

He created and supported several initiatives in support of the Latinx/Hispanic community at the University of Virginia, including the Hispanic/Latino Peer Mentoring Program, the leadership forum La Alianza, the Passport Program, El Calendario (previously know as Sabor), the trilogy of multimedia arts and performance revues between 1999 and 2003 known as Nuestra América/Our America, the Bolívar Network alumni organization; teaching for the History and Spanish Departments, musical work on the impact of ‘Latin’ music on the United States, and a wide range of other student-affairs and related endeavors. Pablo acted on a passionate belief in lo latino and the Latinx/Hispanic community’s deep presence in the cultural fabric of the United States.

The work of Pablo Davis is reflected in many of the past and current programs in the Office of Student Life. This annual award seeks to identify a University of Virginia staff member, Alum or faculty member whose work has contributed significantly to the Hispanic/Latino community. In addition, because the UVA community does not work in isolation, members of the greater Charlottesville community are eligible for this award.