Congratulations to past recipients:

2020: Natalie Mar Cordero, Alisa Negrón, Tamara Moscovich

“I am truly honored to receive this scholarship from the Bolivar Network. Receiving this award in the midst of all the challenges we’ve all been going through truly means the world to me. Thank you so much for supporting me and my academic endeavors.” -Natalie Mar Cordero


“It is such an honor to receive the Bolívar Network Book Scholarship. I am passionate about fostering a diverse and welcoming community for marginalized students on grounds by providing mentorship and support in my roles as a Familia Head for the Hispanic/Latinx Peer-Mentoring Program and a Resident Advisor. This scholarship is encouragement from a community that has helped me make UVA a home and I hope to continue to do the same for other incoming students during this especially difficult time.” -Alisa Negrón

“I was truly honored to receive the Bolívar Network Scholarship. For me, receiving this scholarship showed me that the hard work I have put into advocating for a community that I cherish over the last four years is recognized and appreciated. The scholarship also provided me with an amazing opportunity to help my father financially after he has already given me so much.” -Tamara Moscovich



2019: Johanna Moncada Sosa, Lorena Tabrane, and Brittney Vargas

“I am passionate about developing effective advocacy and support systems for marginalized communities. During my time at UVA I am most proud of my work as Diversity Liaison at the UVA Career Center, Resident Adviser, and my role within DreamersOnGrounds.” -Lorena Tabrane

“I am most passionate about working towards a world without oppression and am most proud of fostering communities through various outlets, including Central Americans for Empowerment, DREAMers on Grounds and the Multicultural Student Center.” -Johanna Moncada Sosa

“I am most passionate about empowering womxn and people of color to embrace their worth and succeed in their goals. I am most proud of the mentorship, support, and positive impact I provided through my role as a Resident Advisor and other community involvement.” -Brittney Vargas


2016: Hannah Melissa Borja and Sarah Nerette

“I was honored to receive the Bolivar Network Book Scholarship. It helped alleviate some of the financial burden placed on my parents by attending school internationally and allowed me to focus my efforts on pursuing my degree.” -Sarah Nerette


“I was genuinely surprised to receive the Bolívar Network Scholarship. I was still a first year at the time, and the recognition really helped with my confidence. I also appreciated how the funds provided much-needed relief when it came to buying school supplies that semester.” -Hannah “Mel” Borja



2015: Amelia Garcia, Andre Sanabia

“Receiving the Bolivar Network Book Scholarship was a true honor. Not only was it gratifying to share with my community the pride I felt for the organizations I was involved with (both the Latinx Student Alliance and the Peer Mentoring Program), but also to encourage my latinx classmates to continue nurturing the home we’ve built at UVa.” -Amelia Garcia



2014: Erika Fernandez, Emilia Alexandra Gore

2012: Perla Vitela

“Receiving the Bolívar Network Book Scholarship was both an honor and an inspiration to continue the work I was doing within and outside of UVa.  The scholarship provided direct financial assistance during especially difficult years after my family faced financial hardships that were out of our control.  The scholarship was support from a community that felt close to home.” -Perla Vitela




2011: Jose Argueta

2010: Claudia Quintero, Natalia Mercado

“Receiving the Bolívar Network Book Scholarship was such an honor and it was also a special moment for my whole family (the plaque is still hanging on a wall in my parent’s home!). It was also very inspiring to know that there were alumni from our community who wanted to celebrate our contributions and achievements at UVA.” -Claudia Quintero





2009: Rolando Mendez, Diego Zambrano

2008: Juana Yunis, Peter Rios, Bernice Ramirez

“I was honored to receive the Scholarship. It inspired me to continue organizing outreach programs through the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). The outreach programs specifically encourage Hispanic high school students to pursue careers in STEM.” -Peter Rios





2007: Elio Jordan, Sherry Vittel Rosales

“It made me feel part of a unique group of Latino / Hispanic leaders at UVA, working from various fronts, different positions and organizations, to further the presence and recognition of the Latino / Hispanic community on grounds, proving that one can be a leader in many ways and push for progress from various angles.” -Elio Jordan King



2006: Alexandra Arango

2005: M. Angelina Ferrero, Tyrone Guy Jean

2004: Mariana Seixas