Alumni of Zeta Chapter,

Hello and welcome back to the McCormick Hall newsletter. My name is Tim Jonas ’20 and I am the current Alumni Chair for the Chapter. Along with the other brothers, I am very excited to bring back updates about the state of the house. Opening back up the relations between current and past brothers is especially timely given this December will be the 150th anniversary of the founding of Zeta Chapter. This past semester, we welcomed a new Executive Committee. Bronson Ingram ’20 is this year’s Grandmaster, with Jake Edwards ’21 acting as Grand Procurator, Ryan McGloin ’20 as Social Chair, Michael Bliss ’20 as Treasurer, and Pierce Walmsley ’20 as Scribe. Each has been excited to take on their roles as leaders and continue on the traditions of the house.

In addition to the new EC taking over, the Chapter had an extremely successful rush this spring. Kappa Sigma remains one of the top fraternities on grounds and we are proud to have had 24 bids offered and accepted, bringing the house to 71 members, thanks to the efforts of all the current brothers led by Pierce Walmsley as Rush Chair. The Fraternity boasts a highly involved range of brothers, being involved in club sports, the Honor System, Interfraternity Council, University Guides, and Madison House, among others. The brothers are delighted to have had such a successful rush to continue improving the house.

 This past spring we continued our semi-annual philanthropy event benefiting the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation for mental health awareness at Coupe’s. This truly capped off a great semester for the Chapter and we look to continue our efforts next fall.

I am also pleased to announce a few updates about recognitions for some brothers in the house. The Shrine Scholar is a brother who exemplifies the principles of the Zeta Chapter and will represent the fraternity well during his tenure on the Lawn. The Shrine Scholar must not only hold high academic credentials, but must also be an important contributor to both the fraternity and the broader University community. The Shrine Scholar for the 2019-20 school year is Charlie Meyer ’20 who lived in McCormick Hall last year and is a Commerce student studying Finance.

In honor of the late Mr. Ernest Campbell Mead, longtime faculty advisor, honorary brother of Zeta Chapter, and, most importantly, a friend to many brothers over the years, the brothers of the Zeta Chapter established the Ernest Campbell “Boots” Mead Award in April of 2012. The award recognizes a graduating brother who has demonstrated exemplary leadership, character, humility, and service during his time in the House, and who is deemed most deserving of special recognition. Most importantly, the recipient is one who has maintained the utmost respect and regard among the brotherhood. This year’s recipient is Conor Mclaughlin ’19 who, during his time at the house, showed himself to be a quiet leader and true friend to all.

We hope you are all enjoying summer and we look forward to hopefully seeing many of you this upcoming year. We have several plans for events to help connect alumni and active brothers in anticipation of the 150th anniversary this year. Please do not hesitate to contact either myself, or our current Grand Master Bronson Ingram, regarding any questions or concerns you may have about the Chapter as we head into the summer and 2019-20 school year.


Timothy Jonas ’20
Alumni Relations Chair, Zeta Chapter
C: (617) 733-1055

Bronson Ingram ’20
Grand Master, Zeta Chapter
C: (615) 630-9164