Newly constructed KKG house

The Epsilon Sigma chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma started when seven members formed a local chapter at the University of Virginia in 1975. Since its installation in 1976, the chapter has initiated more than 1,500 members. Self-described as “unapologetically themselves,” the confident, bright and driven active membership is reflected by the diverse interests, professions, and achievements of Epsilon Sigma alumnae. One of the first female fraternities established at the University of Virginia after women were admitted in 1970, the Epsilon Sigma chapter remains one of the most stable and competitive sororities.

Kappa’s Epsilon Sigma house, which opened in 1980, is a 1970’s modern design structure built to industrial construction standards, unlike the many historic buildings that house fraternities and sororities at the University of Virginia. Twenty third-year students and one house director live in the house during the academic year. Because there are over 45 members in each class, third-year members participate in a lottery to determine if they might live in the house each year.

The increasing membership continues to make extensive efforts to adapt everyday activities and chapter events to work within the restrictions posed by the age, size, and layout of the current chapter house. As the chapter grows, and the current structure ages, the active membership, and house board recognize the imminent need for a significant renovation to meet the chapter’s core needs for providing acceptable residential housing, chapter-wide dining, gathering and meeting spaces, and recruitment activity.

The alumnae of the Epsilon Sigma chapter have embarked on a capital campaign plan to raise the necessary funds to renovate and expand the house to meet the current needs of the chapter.

Before and After images of KKG house - Street view

Before & After images of the house - View from Rugby

Before and After images of the house - view from Lambeth

Before and After images of the house - view from rear/side of house

Thirty women now call 503 Rugby home and many more are in and out daily — lingering at Friday brunch, hanging out on the porch, and studying in the sunroom. The new home is already a space full of energy, joy and lasting memories. Our home on Rugby Road now reflects the spirit of all its members, from the founders from the Class of 1976 to our 58 new members of the Class of 2025.

  • A gracious front porch, two Kappa “beaches” with Blue Ridge views, and a courtyard facing Rugby Road provide beautiful outdoor spaces for gathering, eating and studying.
  • An enlarged chapter room brings together the growing membership.
  • Two study lounges, a large conference room and an office offer both quiet study areas and collaboration spaces.
  • Updated bathrooms, dining area, and the house director suite make the house feel more like a home.
  • An additional floor increases the number of residents to 36.

We couldn’t have done this without the generous support of parents, members and alumni. We need your help to wrap up the capital campaign — just $300,000 by May 2022 is needed to ensure the chapter’s long term financial health.

Kappas on move-in day

Naming opportunities are still available. Your generous support is appreciated.

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