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Kappa Kappa Gamma
Alumni at the University of Virginia

Who We Are

Epsilon Sigma’s members have shown leadership and engagement across UVA since the chapter was founded. The chapter consistently ranks among the top houses for high overall GPA. Our members’ academic pursuits have led to national recognition for research and scholarship. And over the last three years, the membership has included athletes on the tennis, squash, lacrosse, polo, field hockey and rowing teams.

In addition to academics and athletics, the chapter continues to exercise leadership to address pressing issues on Grounds and beyond.

  • The chapter’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee has undertaken initiatives to increase accessibility and inclusivity at Epsilon Sigma. Initiatives taken since January 2020 include planning a need-based scholarship program, conducting mandatory inclusion and implicit bias trainings, fundraising for the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, creating a website to share anti-racism resources and opportunities, and increasing volunteerism in the local community.
  • The chapter’s Sustainability leadership continues to oversee programs to reduce waste, water and electricity. The sustainability leader is working with the house board to identify opportunities and funding integrate green materials technologies in the renovation project.

Our alumnae have spearheaded the way for women in many realms, shown leadership in their communities and professions, and opened doors for women across the world.

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