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The Raven Society
The oldest and most prestigious honorary society at the University of Virginia

2023 Annual Giving Letter

Dear Fellow Ravens,

Greetings! I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. My name is Katherine Driebe, and as the Treasurer of the Raven Society, I am reaching out not only in my official capacity but also as someone deeply passionate about our shared mission at the University of Virginia.

Founded in 1904, the Raven Society is the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society at the University of Virginia. Beyond recognizing scholars, we’ve perpetuated the University’s ideals by fostering a community that brings together and supports lifelong learners from diverse backgrounds across Grounds. Our commitment to these values is reflected in our initiatives: we select new members who embody Thomas Jefferson’s aspirations for the University, we honor excellence in our community through Raven Awards and Scholarships, we encourage knowledge creation through Raven Fellowships, and we preserve the tradition of the “Academical Village” through the Annual Raven Banquet and regular Faculty-Student dinners.

The generous contributions from Ravens, both past and present, have been the bedrock of our sustained efforts and the significant impacts we have achieved at the University of Virginia. It fills me with immense pride to be a part of such a selfless, giving, and dedicated group. However, The Society’s legacy lies not just in celebrating the past but in addressing the present and shaping the future. With each semester, as we elect promising new members, we’re reminded of our responsibility to support their scholarly pursuits.

As we continue to strive for excellence and maintain our esteemed position at the University of Virginia, the Raven Council extends a request for your support. Your involvement is vital to the sustenance and growth of our legacy. Here are the ways you can help us nurture this tradition:

  • Annual Dues: An annual contribution of $60 ensures that our traditions, like our annual newsletter, initiations, and the “Reunions Weekend” reception, continue in full spirit.
  • Contributing to our Raven Operating Account and Endowment: Your support ensures that the unique experience of being a Raven continues. These funds will support the continued quality of the Raven Banquet in the face of rising event costs. These funds will also ensure we continue to foster connections between students, faculty, and alumni of the Society through elections, initiation, faculty-student dinners, and reunion receptions.

To submit dues or make a donation, you may visit the Society’s donation page or return the card included in your mailing. Please also consider updating your contact information and joining our mailing list on the website if you have not already done so.

The generous support of its members enhances the Raven Society’s stature at the University of Virginia.

Katherine Driebe, Treasurer