Each Spring semester, the Raven Society gives out a number Scholarships to UVA students demonstrating outstanding achievement in the classroom, unique achievement in scholarship outside the classroom, and leadership and community service. 

Students who are in their final year of school are not eligible for receipt of a scholarship, nor are first year students (with the exception of students in 1- or 2-year programs or particularly exceptional students).

Students do not need to be in the Raven Society to receive a scholarship.

The Raven Society is currently accepting nominations of students from all UVA schools for Raven Scholarships. The nominations portal will close Friday, February 17, 2023, at 11:59p.m. Thank you for your submissions!

Feel free to email our Scholarship Chair, Maddie Stokes, at ravensociety-scholarship@virginia.edu with any questions or concerns.

2023 Nomination Link