Raven Council Position Descriptions are as follows. President: Oversees the Raven Council and functioning of the Raven Soceity. - Vice President: In charge of selecting Raven Award winners. - Secretary: Organizes Faculty-Student dinners and maintains notes from Council meetings. - Selections Co-chairs: Oversee the selections processes for each school within the University. - Treasurer: Manages Raven funds. - Banquet Chair: Organizes the annual Raven Banquet and Fall and Spring Initiation receptions. - Alumni Representative: Maintains contact with Raven Alumni. - Fellowship Chair: Solicits applications and oversees selection of Raven Fellowships. - Scholarship Chair: Solicits applications and oversees selection of Raven Scholarships. - Faculty and Student members-at-large: Active, contributing members to the Raven Council. - Archivist: Maintains records for the Raven Society.
Raven Council Position Descriptions.

Kate Thornbury, President | 

Wendy Gao, Vice President |

Tabi Summers, Secretary | 
Kate Driebe, Treasurer |
Alexander Johansson, Banquet Chair |
Madison Monroe-Mohajerin, Graduate Selections Chair |
Zachary Harris, Undergraduate Selections Chair |
Maddie Stokes, Scholarship Chair |
Abhi Verma, Fellowship Chair | 
Benjamin Ke, Communications Director |
Joria Le, Emily Andrews, Laurie Axford, Alumni Representatives |
Skylar Goodove, Archivist |
Kathryn Chung, Historian |
Gary Ballinger, Faculty Member-at-large |
Theresa Carroll, Faculty Member-at-large |
Robert Davis, Faculty Member-at-large |
Kate Goundry (, Kevin Lin (, Misky Sharif (, Tim Richard ( Student Members-at-Large

last updated: May 2023