As you may know from reading the recently mailed Xi-Lights annual edition, we have completed the renovation phase of the project. We moved 10 brothers in on August 20, exactly on schedule. This was a huge accomplishment! The challenges that were overcome to keep us on schedule would fill a full page. Teamwork made it happen with major contributions from your board members, the chapter brothers, our architect and brother Will Teass ’97, and our builder R. E. Lee.

Now it is on to the expansion phase. The walls of the entertainment room are in place. Plumbing rough-in for the men’s and women’s rest rooms is underway. The storm water management components in the driveway are nearly complete. Steel beams, floor joists, and framing for the east addition will soon be in place. By Homecomings ’12 the east addition will no longer be an abstraction. Check out our blogspot at for photos.

Since our last report to you we have raised nearly $10,000 in additional gifts. We remain dedicated to exercising proper stewardship over the $652,000 in committed gifts from more than 350 brothers. We need an additional $48,000 to reach the campaign goal of $700,000. The appeal to those of you who have not made a gift or to those of you who can increase your gift remains the same. Without your help in closing the funding gap we cannot: 1) fully meet our need for furniture, certain appliances, and audio/visual equipment; 2) fund curbing around the perimeter of the house foundation; or 3) use highly desirable ceramic tile in the mixed use room instead of vinyl tile. These are just three examples. Closing this $48,000 gap will enable us to proceed with these items that are currently set aside, and thus complete the job in a way that all brothers: chapter, alumni, and future deserve.

If you are a brother who has not made his commitment, or if you are a brother who can increase your prior gift, let us hear from you. The appeal for gifts to the campaign will end November 1, 2012. All donor names as of that date will be placed on a permanent Xi Chapter Centennial recognition plaque which will hang in the chapter room. We want to see your name on it. Please donate now!

These are among the brothers who have recently stepped up with a new or increased donation and are now included in the more than 350 brothers supporting the OX Centennial Plan: Barry Cash ’85, Marty Koenig ’63, Bill Folan ’88, Todd Larue ’96, Brian Grubenstein ’01, Zach Jones ’14, Will Moomaw ’14, Matt Woodhouse ’14, Zach McColgan ’15, Max McCrary ’15, Ian Kilpatrick ’15, Matt Wood ’13, Mike Plietz ’13, Dru Letourneau ’13, Sam Eberspacher ’13, Evan Wilson ’12, Ryan Smith ’12, Alex Radcliffe ’12, Chris Sill ’11, Chris Long ’11, Colt Deutscher ’11, William Morck ’10, Max Lehman ’10, Pat Higgins ’10, Tim Sharkey ’10, Nick Olszowy ’14, Arthur Bryant ’13, Jake Kenneally ’14, Charlie Dalrymple ’12, Tyler Moses ’12, and Graham Powers ’12.

A complete list is on the web site below. Is your name listed? Thanks to one and all.