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Annual Giving Update

Mark Chinn (’91), Gregg Johnson (’75) and Jackie Morris (’81) report that the 2014 Annual Fund is well underway. Officially launched in February 2014, the Annual Fund’s purpose is to protect and preserve our renovated Chapter House and thriving brotherhood as we begin our second 100 years on Grounds. Specific fund uses are to build a reserve fund, address planned expenses outside the scope of the Capital Campaign, and provide more flexibility in reducing our $460,000 debt from the renovation (prior to the Capital Campaign the chapter carried no debt).]

Our Annual Fund goal is to raise $40,000 per year over the next 5 years. As this is a fraction of our Capital Campaign initiative, our focus is to maximize giving participation and to exceed the 394 brothers who supported the Capital Campaign. We are tracking contributions by graduation class and will recognize the top classes based on their level of participation and contributions.

For the campaign, we are asking brothers to pledge a multi-year (5-year) gift, and many of you have already answered that call. To date, we have raised over $64,000 in total pledges, including nearly $14,000 pledged for 2014. As with the Capital Campaign this is truly a team effort, with brothers across 7 decades pledging their support. Current brothers from the class of 2014 have contributed, demonstrating that the “helping hand” is alive and well within our newest generation.

Volunteers are the driving force behind the Annual Fund. Seventeen brothers across multiple decades have committed their time and energy to contacting our base of alumni and active brothers to talk about the Fund and ask for your support.

In recognition of their service, a list of our volunteers and their contact information is below. You should note the participation across numerous classes and decades.

40s, 50s, early-mid 60s

Grady Lewis (’65)

Mid-late 60s

Bill Sullivan (’67)

Early 70s

Mike Jones (’73)

Richard Cross (’72)

Dan Hinchman (’74)

Mid-late 70s

Gregg Johnson (’75)

Rick Nadeau (’76)

Mark Nadeau (’78)

Early-mid 80s

Jackie Morris (’81)

Late 80s

Duane Wilder (’89)

Early 90s

Mark Chinn (’91)

Troy Knowlton (’92)

Mid 90s

Michael Chinn (’94)

Late 90s-Early 00s

Colin Quarmby (’01)

Early-mid 00s

Chris Winter (’07)

Mid-late 00s

Miles Kirwin (’13)

Late 00s-early 10s

Will Moomaw (’14)

Your support will ensure that we maintain solid financial footing in the years to come. To learn more about the program, contact one of our volunteers, or visit and click the Annual Giving tab to read more information about the campaign, see a list of current donors, and make a pledge or gift online through UVA’s secure web site.