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UVA Greek System News

Jim Johnston (’66) reports that on their third attempt Sigma Chi’s renovation project has been approved by the Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review. By the way our architect received approval on our first attempt.

Like the Theta Chi renovation, the new renovation and addition is designed to separate the social area from the living area and upgrade the kitchen and living spaces. There is no increase in occupants from the present stat of 24 members. The main addition to the house is to be at the rear of the building. A single story building will be built near our garage to be a party/chapter area and behind and below this building to the rear will be a large terraced “social” area. Party noise control was a recognized issue. A capital campaign for $2 million is planned, and we have been told they are considering using a professional fund-raiser. The expected project start is at least 2 years away. Sigma Chi has met with the neighborhood association and agreed to meet the same considerations noted in the Theta Chi “Memorandum of Understanding”.

Jim also reported that it was recently announced that the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity suspended the charter of its Alpha Chapter at UVA. This decision was made in concert with the University of Virginia’s decision to terminate the Chapter’s Fraternity Operating Agreement (FOA) effective immediately. PiKA was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868 at 47 West Range. The Alpha Chapter has over 930 alumni in its 146 years. The decision was made following recent hazing violations committed by the Chapter. This marks the fifth violation in the past two and a half years. PiKA’s National stated that “Numerous resources have been provided by the Fraternity’s staff during that time, including five targeted visits, as well as countless educational resources provided by the University in areas of new member education and hazing prevention.” The Daily Progress reported on April 19, 2014 that the Sigma Nu Chapter was also suspended. This is sad news for the University and the Greek System.

Lastly, we have also learned that Chi Psi bought property near the Beta house and will re-colonize in 2015.