Spring Rush 2018 for Theta Chi was a massive success, leading to 20 new members being added to the fraternity. Brotherhood attendance was extremely high for our events. Rush started off with more open, relaxed events such as cookouts and basketball watch parties.  In later rounds, we ventured to Top Golf in Northern Virginia, went bowling at a local alley, and had a catered dinner at the Rotunda.

We had a lot of interest from the UVA community to join, beginning Rush with over 400 students coming to our Open House. At the end, we delivered 25 bids. Two of the five who didn’t join decided they fit in better at other fraternities, while the other three decided to prioritize school over joining any fraternity. We’ve already enjoyed our time with them so far, and we are sure that these 20 new initiates will uphold the values of our fraternity.

Below is a list of our new members:

Name Year Hometown
Brian Abt 2nd Chantilly, VA
Wyatt Black 1st Purcellville, VA
Adam Cooper 1st Poughkeepsie, NY
Andrew Craver 1st Great Falls, VA
Noah Curtiss 1st South Riding, VA
Ricky Dobson 2nd Alexandria, VA
Max Ferber 1st Los Angeles, CA
Colin Hanley 2nd Darnestown, MD
Sebastian Heinonen 1st Youngstown, OH
Jack Holloway 1st Gainesville, FL
Navid Jahromi 1st Fairfax, VA
Garrett Levy 1st Richmond, VA
Kyle Limpic 1st Phoenix, AZ
William Lupton 2nd Lynchburg, VA
Ben Miller 1st Tampa, FL
Andrew Orgel 2nd Lincoln, MA
George Payne 1st Bangor, ME
Ryan Seeberger 1st Warrenton, VA
Devinn Um 1st Fairfax, VA
Robert Zhang 1st Richmond, VA