Alumni Board

At the annual meeting on October 9, Tyler Moses ʼ12, Spence Phillips ʼ85, and Jeff Baker ʼ92 were elected to the Alumni Board.

The new board members replace Mark Williamson (Vice-President), Mike Atwood (Secretary), and Patrick Higgins (ex-Treasurer) who have each served two consecutive terms and are rolling off the board. My personal thanks go out to Mark, Mike, and Patrick for their dedication and commitment to Theta Chi. They served during “interesting times,” particularly the last three years.

New Officers

At the Alumni Board meeting following the Annual Meeting, Will Moomaw was elected Vice President replacing Mark Williamson, and Jeff Baker was elected Secretary, succeeding Mike Atwood. Spence Phillips will take Will’s place on the House and Grounds committee, assisting Pete Skelly. Mike Jones was re-elected President.