June 2021

Although this year brought new challenges to the entire world, the House and Grounds Committee was able to use a less busy fraternity calendar to get ahead on a long list of projects. The largest project involved extensive repairs to the drainage system in the old part of the basement. This project included repairs to the foundation of the house and will prevent future leaks into that area. Beyond this project, our partners at PFM have engaged in more regular maintenance of large appliances such as the HVAC system and refrigerator which had not been done in several years.

Finally, the Board realized that asking the undergraduates to be responsible for upkeep of the grounds was an unfair request given the necessary scope of work. For this reason we have employed a local lawn company to regularly mow and trim hedges and weeds so that the entire property can continue to be a source of pride to the brotherhood without being a burden on the house’s residents. As the summer is typically a time of year when the house’s cleanliness takes a backseat due to undergrads moving in and out and the basement being used for storage, the undergrads have arranged for a professional cleaning service to come by to ensure things are kept in good order.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to house this year for Homecoming!