Giving to Hoos Day 2018

New this year, VRA participated in GivingToHoosDay on April 10, 2018. GivingToHoosDay is a “fun day of online giving” on which the entire University community came together to celebrate and support their favorite areas of the University.

Donations to VRA on April 10, same as always, counted towards personal overall annual giving total to UVA; unlike on all other days of the year, donations to the team on April 10 showed the entire University community your allegiance and loyalty to our team.

Thanks to 29 individual donors we raised $11,625!

Out of 43 University organizations participating, we ranked 16th for total dollars raised (excluding other groups matching funds), 18th for number of individual donors, and 10th with an average donation size of $400.86.

We greatly appreciate those who gave on GivingToHoosDay, not only for their direct support of the program, but for also reminding the larger UVA community of VRA’s impact and significance.

The $11,625 raised is an excellent power ten towards making budget this year–now we need to finish the race! Do your part today to help Virginia’s boats cross the finish line ahead of the competition!