Reflection on Rotunda Sing and Auditions

It has been a busy and productive start to the Fall 2017 semester for the Vdubz! As soon as we returned to the hot, muggy Grounds in sweet Virginia, we were honored to sing at the annual Rotunda Sing on August 23. The night we performed, we stood waiting in the tunnels of the Rotunda for our turn and prayed that the drizzle of rain would end before we went on stage. However, we sang through the quickly increasing rain only to find out one group later that the event would be postponed due to weather. And so, we were able to dazzle the audience a second time the following week and listen to all of the wonderful singing talent here at UVA. 

The Chorus has also been buzzing about with publicity events to advertise Vdubz to everyone on Grounds. With Beta Bridge laden with paint and the South Lawn flyered as could be, we rang in New Girl Week with the Glee Club’s serenades and our late night adventure to IHOP!  It was a wonderful way to begin the new semester of chorus: great friends, good singing, and a whole lot of pancakes.

The chorus is ecstatic to welcome 9 new girls this fall!  They are a fun, lovely group excited to see what Vdubz has in store, and we are ready to rock!

(Also, check out some of the Chorus’s music from this past spring semester!)