What is the VWC AIG and who are we?

The Virginia Women’s Chorus Alumnae Interest Group was officially recognized in 2010 by the help of current UVA students as well as active alumnae. Our mission is the following: “The Virginia Women’s Chorus Alumnae Board of Trustees shall work to support the Virginia Women’s Chorus (VWC) in its continued pursuit of musical excellence; to attain greater prominence in the UVA and Charlottesville community; to promote networking among and communications with alumnae and friends between the Virginia Women’s Chorus and foster lasting bonds of sisterhood between members past and present.” You can find more information on our home page.

For the past 7 years, our AIG Board has been pioneered by our inaugural Chairwoman, Claudia Fletcher. We are so fortunate to have benefitted from Claudia’s leadership and passion for the advancement of our VWC and its alumnae. Recently, at our August session, we elected Megan Winter as our new Chairwoman. We are excited about the enthusiasm Megan brings to the board and look forward to continuing the pursuit of excellence for our beloved VWC and its AIG.  Megan will be surrounded and supported by the following current Board Officers:

  • Treasurer, Clare Anderson
  • Secretary, Kyle Hayden
  • Chorus Liaison, Laura Harders
  • Communications Chair, Liz Lane
  • Reunion Chair, Kelly McVicar
  • Recruitment & Retention Chair, KaeRenae Mitchell
  • Fundraising Chair, Irma Palmer
  • 16 Members at Large

Save the Dates!

The VWC AIG is looking forward to supporting several exciting upcoming events:

  • The VWC’s Annual Fund Drive is September 21 and 23, please be ready to answer your phones or donate online here.
  • The VWC’s Women Against Violence Concert is Saturday October 14 in Charlottesville; join your fellow alumnae in showing solidarity with the current VWC
  • Join us for our second Alumnae Connections Concert Saturday afternoon, March 3; we will enjoy fellowship through singing and kick off the VWC’s Spring Tour – Location TBD

Alumnae Spotlight 

Alumnae Spotlight – Chris (Van Dusen) Butler, new AIG member at large

Graduation Year: 1989

Major: Philosophy

Where has life taken you after UVA? Where hasn’t life taken me after UVA? While many of my best memories were made in Charlottesville, the best gifts Virginia gave me were the tools to make the most of every day. I married the love of my life (a VG, USingers, Glee Club, and bar band musician, not coincidentally) and we have lived in Boston, Virginia, London, and DC.  We have four amazing kids, two boys in college and two girls preparing to launch. After getting an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont, working in student affairs at various universities, and devoting a number of years to full-time parenting, I now work at the George Washington University as the Special Assistant to the Dean of Admissions.

What is your favorite VWC memory? I fear that some of my favorite anecdotes might dredge up some of KaeRenae’s rightfully-repressed memories! I can say though, that the thing I remember most with love about VWC is that I was not among “music snobs”. I was not as skilled or as disciplined a musician as most of my peers, but I LOVED to sing.  It was the best (and cheapest) stress therapy I ever had. My friends from VWC are still dear friends today, and while music still binds us, so does parenting, and love, and loss, and all the elements that make life rich and complicated.

Why are you serving on the AIG? There are several reasons that I am so grateful to be a part of the AIG. My children are all active vocal musicians, and I feel compelled to be connected to the enrichment of formative programs like the VWC. I also want to be useful in developing a robust alumnae network in cities around the world, to help provide a good landing place for our youngest alumnae as they enter the work force. Finally, I want to reconnect with old friends and make sure they remind me to keep singing!

Alumnae Spotlight: Sarah Begeman

Graduation Year: 2009

Major: Politics Honors

Where has life taken you after UVA? After teaching in rural South Texas, I moved to New York City where I attended graduate school and now work for the NYC Department of Education. My work centers around teacher and school leader development, as well as work with improving student teaching experiences. In my free time, I sing with the Brooklyn Community Chorus.

What is your favorite VWC memory? Singing at the National Cathedral (which we did twice when I was the in chorus and singing at Lighting of the Lawn every year. I also really appreciate the leadership experience that being on the Managing Board afforded me. VWC was pretty central to my social life at UVA, so I have a lot of favorite memories!

Why are you serving on the AIG? I love the chance to connect and reconnect with other VWC alumae, and to stay up to date with and help support the current chorus.