May 30, 2017

The summer restoration work began in earnest as the actives were leaving town and the graduation exercises were over.  Phil wasted no time in starting work on our ambitious summer projects and he is making good progress.

The work we expect to complete this summer includes major projects to completely restore the Party Room, the first floor bedrooms, repairs and refinishing on the first floor and downstairs floors, rebuilding the guest bathroom in the basement, and some additional landscaping.

We are still awaiting word from the relevant University parties about moving power lines and tree removal behind the house that will enable us to complete final plans for the proposed terrace and outside area, and construction of new doors from the downstairs party room out to the new terrace.

The attached photo file shows pictures of early work on the Party Room, examples of portions of flooring that need to be replaced, downstairs bedrooms that will be rebuilt, storage of first floor furniture, etc. on the second floor, and examples of current flooring in the basement that will be replaced.

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