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2016 Rush Report: Delta Welcomes 18 Pledges


The 2015-2016 recruitment season was one of the most successful in recent memory. Although the already shortened recruitment schedule was altered by winter storm Jonas, the chapter adapted successfully. Given only one open house, the brothers were happy to deliver 105 first round invitations. Notable events this year included the classic Dominion Gun Range and a large surf and turf dinner.

I would attribute the success of this season to a renewed focus on smaller details of recruitment. This included a revamp of our invitations and bids as well as extensive planning and budgeting for events. A focus of mine was to ensure that the active brothers felt comfortable during rush. It meant relaxing my stance as the leader of the process and making few difficult requests, such as having every brother present to clean or deliver invitations.

The contributions of the Junior Chair, Taylor Veliz, and the rest of the recruitment committee cannot be overstated. Thee successful delegation of tasks made it so that no individual brother felt the entire weight of the process on their shoulders.

The Alpha Chi pledge class consists of 14 first years and 4 second years. These gentlemen all received bids during this recruitment season. e fall recruitment season has been extremely lackluster in the past two years. Only 12 men even signed up this past fall. For this reason, the chapter is focusing its efforts on meeting potential recruits in the fall to then bring to Spring recruitment. Our goal was to recruit enough men to maintain our numbers as 16 brothers graduate this spring, which we exceeded. I am ecstatic to present to you the Alpha Chi Pledge Class.

Jake Wax, ’17
Rush Chair