Beta Stands Out on Grounds

The Omicron Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is an impressive collection of gentlemen to say the least. Boasting 78 brothers and pledges as of the spring of 2012 we also have a broad range of accomplishments and accolades. The chapter consistently has one of the highest GPA’s in the Greek system with an average of 3.446. As a testament to that and our other involvement we have five rising fourth year Betas living on the lawn next year.

Among elected and named positions we are proud to have the AFROTC Wing Commander among the brotherhood. One brother is the President of an a cappella rock group called the Flying V’s, which was awarded UVA’s 2012 “Best CIO in the Arts.” We are happy to call both the President and Recruitment Chair of 1 in 4 Betas. One brother is an Academic Affairs Student Council Presidential Committee Chair. We also have a three time CLAS Student Council rep, a COMM Student Council rep, a CLAS rep to UJC, and a COMM rep to the Honor Committee.

In terms of scholarship and recognition the chapter is proud to recognize one of its own a Truman Scholar. Three Betas were inducted into the most recent Order of Omega class. Further, there are three Jefferson Scholars among us.

The above list is just a sampling of the variety of activities we are involved in and achievements we have obtained. Others continue to be active in organizations ranging from UScouts, Club wrestling, Engineering groups, Club Tennis, Triathlon Team, Chi Alpha, SEED, Global Markets Group, and more. Such great extracurricular involvement, academic accomplishment, and recognition have led to a high job, internship, and graduate school placement rate for Omicron Betas.

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