We had an ER Cardiologist, Dr. David Bert, from the University Hospital address the actives back in September about the effects of alcohol on the human body by gender. Over the past several years, Dr. Bert has administered medical attention at the University Hospital to a number of students, both male and female, for severe alcohol intoxication. He was directly involved in saving the life of a Zete pledge who had consumed a full bottle of soy sauce in a pledging event two years ago and was near death.


David is known to some of our Alumni. He was raised in the Dakotas and is a former Marine infrantryman. David has an easy personality, yet he is quite worldy and engaging. Based on having several ladies swoon at the House last spring, we decided to have an ER doctor come to speak with our actives on the front side of the academic year about responsible drinking. bert2_webDavid was able to successfully engage the actives in a robust and honest exchange of questions and answers about alcohol consmption. David applauded their decision to eliminate offering hard alcohol, and suggested at large parties that they always offer bottled water and food. These measures should help to curb the dehydration effects of alcohol and guests drinking on an empty stomach.