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DKE No-Hazing Policy

The Eta chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon adheres to strict no hazing policy. In the spring of 2012, the eta chapter of DKE at the University of Virginia adjusted the process in which new members are initiated by both shortening the length of the pledging period as well as requiring every brother to sign a no hazing agreement, which is resigned by active members at the beginning of each academic year. Our pledging period is focused on building a brotherhood of lifetime bonds and moral integrity by creating a safe and productive environment for all newly admitted members.

The following statement is signed by every active member and submitted to University of Virginia’s administration at the start of each academic year:

By signing my name hereafter, I pledge on my honor that I will not support, condone, or participate in any form of hazing. I understand that “hazing” is broader than the commonwealth’s definition and encompasses a countless number of acts that are inappropriate and dangerous, and not to be engaged in by any member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. I understand that hazing is against the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and any member involved in hazing will have their name sent through the University administration to the Commonwealth’s attorney, and if found guilty of hazing that member will be immediately expelled from the Eta Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon.