The Makeup of DKE

Over our 163 year history, the makeup of our brotherhood is more about our differences than our similarities.  Our brothers hail from all over the this country with a concentration of men from as far South as Texas and up to Maine. We have academic scholars, scholarship athletes, and highly accomplished leaders within our membership. Our men come from diverse religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. We have continued to attract an ethnically diverse brotherhood over these years. Now more than ever, we have had foreign-born students from England, Ghana, Australia, Iran, Spain, and Germany join our brotherhood. We continue to take transfer students as second and third year men as well as UVA students who did not pledge their first year. Our brotherhood is enriched by its diversity; it has been and remains one of our singular strengths. The common bond of our brotherhood is that we want men of character who will excel academically at Virginia, take leadership positions within the student government/societies/athletics, enjoy their university experience, and make life-long friendships with their brothers.