DKEs, Family, Friends—

I hope this newsletter finds everyone happy, healthy, and well… sane given the events of the last 15 months or so.  This may be my shortest update yet, as there is not much to report on.  The active brotherhood was unable to host their usual events and did their best to focus on health and safety precautions throughout the school year.

I would like to use this newsletter to congratulate Hayden Hoover, our Boree, and the rest of the actives on a job well done.  Quite frankly, that may be an understatement.  During a year where so much could have gone wrong, DKE has instead met every bit of our expectations.  When brothers caught COVID, they were quick to reach out and discuss the best way to plan and move forward.  I am so proud of this group and how they have handled such a strange time.

Recently the DKE board decided to implement five-year terms for the Alumni Advisor role.  The thinking is that it helps us, as an alumni group, stay better connected with brothers of all ages.  It will most certainly help with the institutional memory that the role requires.  I believe the most important part of the job is to maintain the strong legacy that is already in place.  That would make 2021 the last year for yours truly.  It has been a great pleasure to serve and give back to the house which has meant so much to me over the last 18 years (yikes!).  My hope is that the house is better off for the efforts made here recently.  I would particularly like to thank the leadership from the actives during my time serving in this role.  They made the job easy…. Apparently, the maturity levels of 18-22 year-old men has increased significantly since my time in school.

Trip Mullen has been hand-picked to take over for the next five years beginning in 2022.  Trip, a new father, will bring a level of enthusiasm to the role that will be contagious.  He is one of the better connected DKEs in terms of knowing brothers from a variety of classes.  The timing couldn’t be better as it appears (fingers crossed) that 2022 will have a fun and exciting agenda for both the actives and alumni.  We are currently on track to host another five-year reunion event here on Grounds.  Stay tuned for updates, and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

Martin Couric
Alumni Advisor

Words From Our Boree

Although this year was different than any other semester in DKE’s history, all the brothers did their best to thrive in times of uncertainty.  After last year’s cancellation of in-person instruction everyone was very pleased to return to Charlottesville and enjoy the spring weather that we so dearly missed, in a safe and respectful manner.  During this year’s spring recruitment, we were lucky to have 19 new members join DKE.  We had a wide array of backgrounds and personalities join, including a mix of first- and second-years, as well as multiple varsity athletes.  We are truly excited to welcome them into the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and we are looking forward to our remaining time with them.

As this unique and sometimes difficult year comes to a close, the brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon look to the future with hope.  We are excited and optimistic for the 2021-2022 school year and the prospect of returning to a feeling of normalcy.  We will miss our fourth-years that are graduating and wish them the best as they begin the next chapter in their lives.  More than anything, the actives are feeling hopeful and are looking forward to better times ahead.

Thank you,


In Memoriam

Jack Davies

Jack Davies ’64 passed away on March 3 at his Baltimore area home.  A teammate and classmate of the recently deceased Richie Evans ’64, Jack was the top attackman for the Virginia offense in the early 60s as he always drew the # 1 defender from the opposition. Jack was named an All-American three times, culminating with his 2nd Team All American honors his senior year.

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