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We are sad to report the death of brother Zebulon M.P. Inge of Mobile, Alabama in July 2018. Zeb graduated from the University in 1971.He then graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1974,and tax school at NYU in 1974-75.He was a member of the law firm Maynard,Cooper and Gale.He served as director and on numerous boards including UMS-Wright Preparatory School.He was a member of the Mobile Country Club and various Mardi Gras and Mystic societies. He was an historian,outdoorsman,cook and storyteller.He is survived by a son and six grandchildren among many beloved relatives. Funeral services were held at St.Paul’s in Mobile. Submitted by J.R. Shoemaker,Jr.

Updated: May 2019


We are sad to report the death in July 2018 of brother James M. Shoemaker, jr.of Greenville, SC. Class of 1955. At UVA, he played varsity lacrosse, entered Navy ROTC, and was an Eli. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps reaching the ranks of major. He then graduated law school at the university and practiced law for over 50 years with the Wyche Firm of Greenville, SC he is survived by his wife,three sons and grandchildren and a brother Thomas.

We are saddened to advise that our great friend and brother, Van Schenck ’80, lost a long and courageous battle to cancer on June 28th, surrounded by his wonderful family. We will miss him dearly. – Jack Bohman(1981), Jim Knox(1980), and Eric Johnson(1980)

Updated: July 2018


Williams '96
Book cover for Jason’s upcoming novel PERSONAL STATEMENT

Jason Williams ’96

Jason was a producer on the National Geographic Channel’s new hit series “Brain Games” last season. It was the highest rated series in the channel’s history. He is now one of the show’s head writers and is currently working on next season.

Jason also wrote a novel called PERSONAL STATEMENT that will be published in August 2013 (available on Amazon) by In This Together Media, a new publishing company co-founded by fellow UVA alums, Carey Albertine & Saira Rao. The book is to be part one of a trilogy and has already been optioned for a film.



¬†Terry Gates ’81

Alls well in Richmond! Delivered my son Joseph to The Grounds / Dabney last August! Plus met up with Team Bohman in October when Jack attended a golf reunion and brought his son Lane for his college visit. We took a mini tour of the DKE House …and not much has changed except no saw dust!

Brian Sheehan ’12

After an illustrious career in Charlottesville, Brian is off to greener pastures and currently attending Cornell University’s prestigious Master of Management in Hospitality program. Next year, he has his sights set on Las Vegas, NV! If any Eta’s find themselves in Sin City next year, Brian is the man to know


John B. Pinder III ’71

I’m now a retired UCC pastor still living in York, PA. Good to see the sons of my old roommate at EHS, Whitt Clement, are now DKEs ! I have a wild idea for a DKE house program: invite Perry Epes ’70 to do a poetry reading and afterwards sign copies of his book

Aleco Bravo ’90

Thought everyone might enjoy the new hit TV series that I am executive producing.

Bart Mallory ’66

Twelve years ago I retired from a career as a corporate general counsel. Since then I have spent most of my time fly fishing on the Little Red River at our cabin in the Ozarks.

PJ Boatwright ’78

Passed through C’ville twice last month with two of my children on vacation. Walked by the Deke House one morning. Wish we’d come by the night before. Son’s off to Clemson in August. It’ll be hell listening to that Tiger rag.

Ric Graham ’65

I came out of retirement in the hospitality business and moved to the Turks & Caicos Islands to work with Grace Bay Resorts…5 1/2 years later I’m still out here.
Any Eta Dekes visiting Providenciales let me know…free beverages to share.


Kyle Coble ’70

My wife, Rhonda, and I recently moved to Richmond. I sold my dental practice in Fredericksburg in 2010, and in 2011, accepted a full time position at V.C.U., School of Dentistry as an Assistant Professor in the Department of General Practice Dentistry.


John Freeman ’67

I recently retired and am now planning on moving back to Charlottesville as soon as I can sell my NC properties. I am looking forward to reconnecting with DKE brothers!


Douglas Croker III ’71

Douglas has been Chairman of Ilex Contstruction & Woodworking since 1986.


Steve Werber ’87

Congratulations to the Dekes for a great website. I can’t imagine there’s still the house phone on the second floor that used to get ripped out every Saturday night…that was our only communication, cell phones were still mostly ‘car phones’. The ’87 Dekes had a great turnout for 20th reunion in June ’07, about 80% of the class showed up. Best the the current crop of Eta’s, and please support your fellow Eta, Bill Hamilton ’87, who owns Hamilton’s at First and Main restaurant and Stix – Bill is my stepbrother.


Aleco Bravo ’90

A few months ago, I created a FaceBook group for ETA DKEs and DKEs who attended UVA. Here’s the link for any DKEs who would like to join!


Pat Barry ’01

There are currently 5 Eta Dekes at the Law school. I don’t suppose you could spare a few chickens?