3rd Annual DKE Charity Golf Tournament

3rd Annual DKE Charity Golf Tournament
April 9, 2016


Despite the cool weather, over 50 players assembled together for the 3rd Annual DKE Ovarian Cancer Golf Tournament. A good time was had by all and we raised another significant amount of funds to donate towards ovarian cancer research

The winners for this year’s event are as follows:

Closest to the pin – Bobby O’Reilly
Shortest Drive – Creeper
Longest Drive – Adam Koeppel
Winning Foursome – Doug & Fred Eisman, Bobby & Patrick O’Reilly + Kevin Devine

Financials on the event

Gross amount raised in green fees / sponsorships $14,715
Birdwood costs for green fees, food, prizes, and DKE golf balls $7,573
Photographer $200
Interns $60
Net Available for distribution $6,882

We plan on distributing $1,000 to the Norma Livingston Foundation

We plan on distributing $5,882 to the UVA Research Center on Ovarian Cancer

We want to thank all of you, who participated, for joining us. Also, many thanks go out to Johnny Johnson, Sam Fraser, George Morison, Tommie Duke, William Leas, and Matt Ryan of Alumni Hall. Lastly, and most importantly, we express our thanks to all the professionals of Birdwood Golf Course. Hopefully, many of you will join us for next year in April and Martin Couric has signed up to serve as one of our four Co-Chairs.