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Board Members

Felix Nguyen-Dalton

Felix is proud to call Charlottesville zir hometown, having lived there for 21 years in addition to graduating from UVA. During zir time at the University, ze worked as the Programs and Volunteer Coordinator at the LGBTQ Center as both an intern and the interim manager. Additionally, ze served with Student Council, Sigma Omicron Rho, First Year Players, and the LGBTQ Speakers Bureau, among others.Shortly after a post-graduation move, ze joined the board of the region’s Diversity Center, with which ze founded their first organized Speakers Bureau, led discussions for local businesses and colleges and the area’s only Diversity Camp.Felix presently resides with zir wife and veritable zoo of six pets. Ze continues to work in advocacy and education for marginalized communities and nurtures passions surrounding LGBTQ+ youth, intersectionality of LGBTQ+ and multicultural conversations, and mental health support.