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October 2023 Helping Hand Scholarship Update

The alumni of our Xi Chapter have an impressive record of supporting the Xi Chapter and its related charities. They do this out of gratitude for the excellent education they received at the University of Virginia, but also for the life-long friendships that resulted from their joining Theta Chi.

A group of alumni from the late seventies and early eighties have recently launched a new scholarship fund for the benefit of active Xi Chapter brothers. An unprecedented benefit of launching this fund now is that for the first time ever, the University, as part of its $5 billion-dollar Third Century capital campaign, will match our dollars by 50%. To date, we have received pledges and contributions of $461,000 which will be matched 50% or $230,500 by the University. A goal of $667,000 in Theta Chi pledges and contributions would yield a fund of $1M after university match. This fund should be sufficient to provide three half-scholarships annually for active Xi Chapter brothers in need of financial assistance and/or deserving of meritorious support. In recognition of Theta Chi’s Greek letters this fund is named the Theta Chi Helping Hand Scholarship Fund.

The Board of Directors of the Xi Chapter Alumni Corporation supports this effort. We can accept pledges (up to five years in length) and donations to support this scholarship effort. Donor Advised Funds, donations of appreciated securities and company matching programs are available through the University. Charitable giving is a personal choice. Contributions are tax deductible.

Visit our Helping Hand Bicentennial Scholarship Fund page to learn more and donate. Keep in mind the University’s match is of finite duration so pledges received now can lock in the benefit of the additional 50% match.