Homecomings Barbeque

Join us for our traditional Homecomings Pre-Game Barbecue (prepared by Earl Henderson) on Saturday October 7, at 9:00am. Let us know if you’re planning to attend!

Jefferson Statue and Rotunda ClockPresident’s Report

We started fall 2023 with 41 returning brothers, 15 of whom live in the house and garage. During recent elections, Jacob Perez was elected president, Congratulations, Jacob! The board and brothers have also agreed to revise the chapter lease and are working together to identify areas of the house that need repairs or to be replaced.

Finance Report

The Alumni Corporation continues to serve as the landlord and steward of the house, supporting the chapter through house maintenance and improvement projects. Questions about the Alumni Corporation finances? Contact Troy Knowlton.

House and Grounds Report

A full-service lawn company has been hired to take care of the grass, hedges, and everything in between with the support of alumnus Jim Snyder (’72). Thank you for all your help, Jim!

The garage and kitchen have also seen exciting improvements in recent months. Thanks to a generous contribution from Rob Bentley (ʼ87), the house has a brand-new GE refrigerator. Improvements to the garage included the addition of a masonry wall, updates to the bathroom, and new windows, flooring, cabinets, counters, and appliances. Stop by and admire the good work inside and outside the House during our Homecomings Tailgate!

Aerial view of GroundsAnnual Giving Update

The Annual Giving Program provides a source of funds for interior and exterior maintenance, paying down our mortgage balance, and increasing our reserves for unanticipated expenses. Thank you for your generous contributions to help us maintain and improve our facilities!

Martin Powell Fund

Martin continues to participate in chapter activities as well as attending several spring sporting events and we hope to see him at Homecomings. Consider donating to the Martin Powell Fund to help brothers maintain our longstanding connection with Martin.

Xi Chapter of Theta Chi Helping Hands Scholarship

A group of alumni from the late seventies and early eighties have recently launched a new scholarship fund for the benefit of active Xi Chapter brothers. As part of its $5 billion-dollar Third Century capital campaign, the University will match our dollars by 50%. A goal of $667,000 in Theta Chi pledges and contributions would yield a fund of $1M after University match which should be sufficient to provide three half-scholarships annually for active Xi Chapter brothers.