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Zeta Psi Restoration Update (7)

April 3, 2017 A few pictures of the recently completed landscaping in front of the house attached.  The landscaping was installed in time for Parents Weekend.        Also included is the architectural drawing of our plans for the new terrace/outdoor area behind the house.  This attractive, larger space is designed to provide more room […]

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Construction Update (6)

Christmas Holiday Break February 15, 2017 The primary focus of work over the Christmas break was the Library that included major repairs to all the plaster on the walls, ceiling, and moldings, plus repairs to the cabinets and doors in that room. The room will be painted when the plaster dries. The attached picture file […]

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Construction Update (5)

First Phase Summer Work September 1, 2016 The actives returned last week and seemed pleased with the improvements (especially the air conditioning) we made over the summer. The remaining approved work will include: restoring the party room, front entrance & library restoring the downstairs bedrooms and hall areas replacing windows on the ground floor that […]

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Construction Update (4)

August 9, 2016 It’s the home stretch for completion of the summer work we ambitiously scheduled in June. When the actives move into the house August 17 all the inside work on the 2nd floor will have been completed including air conditioning, new loft beds, all new walls, windows and doors, refinished floors, and a […]

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Spring 2017 Philanthropy

Zeta Psi is heavily involved with One Love Foundation, an organization whose mission is to raise awareness about the consequences of relationship violence. This April, we’re partnering up with Kappa Kappa Gamma for our annual Cavalier Cookout. All proceeds will go to the One Love Foundation in an effort to promote a safer community.

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Officers 2017

President:  Paul Mortemousque – Lynchburg, VA- Biology B.A. – Third Year – &nbsp Vice President:  Ian Henderson – Atlanta, GA – History and Foreign Affairs – Second Year – &nbsp Social Chair:  William Rodriguez – Atlanta, GA – Pre-Commerce – Second Year – &nbsp Treasurer:  Kevin Coughlin – Atlanta, GA – Pre-Commerce […]

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Pledge Class 2017

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Construction Update (3)

Zeta Psi Restoration Update (3) July 7, 2016 We’re half way through our extensive summer restoration project and facing a tight time line. The brothers that will be living in the house this fall will be returning to Charlottesville mid-August in time for classes that begin August 22nd. Without seeing things first hand, it’s hard […]

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Missing Contact Info

The Alumni Association is missing contact info for the following Zete alumni.  If you wish to update your information, please email Matt Ryan at the Alumni Association: John Davis ‘53 George Smeltzer ‘62 Alfred Scott ‘66 Kendall Bradley ‘71 Dr. Gordon Morris ‘74 Jim Musselwhite ‘75 David Wendell ‘75 Baldwin Day Tufts ‘77 Robert Charles […]

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Construction Update (2)

June 21, 2016 Phil has had all hands on deck from the start and we are making good progress toward our ambitious goals for this summer’s work. We had a good turnout for the walkthrough June 11 that included the reunion crowd, locals, some who were in town for various other reasons, and 4 actives […]

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