Dear Brothers,

I hope this newsletter finds everyone happy, healthy, and well. Our best wishes to you and your families during the holiday season.

The house remains strong, and it is a testament to the maturity and leadership of our active brotherhood and the continued support from our alumni.

Seeking Your Support

Aside from providing exciting updates about the house and our actives, I write this letter to our Alumni in hopes that we can continue to count on your strong support for the house. The foundation of our strength and status on Grounds is the significant alumni support we receive from across the country each year. It allows us to keep the house in good standing, continue the successful recruitment of new members each year, maintain our position as a top house at the University, and host Alumni events. With that in mind, we specifically ask for contributions to the Bob Green Eta Alumni Fund and the Charles Hill Jones House Maintenance Fund.

Bob Green Eta Alumni Fund

We have recently renamed our alumni communications account in Bob’s honor in recognition of his many contributions to DKE and the University. During his time at UVA, Bob was the editor-in-chief of Corks and Curls, Boree, and held leadership positions with the IMPs and Eli Bananas. Bob later led the capital campaign to expand the DKE house to what it is today. Bob’s generosity and friendship have touched countless members of our brotherhood, and we will continue to honor him through this fund. This account provides for the contract with Alumni Hall every year, and covers the expenses involved with newsletters, invitations, and other communications. Financial support for this account is vital as it provides the fuel for our Board to operate and is responsible for the bulk of our annual transactions.

Charles Hill Jones House Maintenance Fund

The Charles Hill Jones House Maintenance Fund is specifically dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of the house. These reserves are also critical, as they allow us to keep the house in top form both internally and externally. Charlie has been our principal financial donor for the last 30 years. He was the biggest contributor to our capital campaign, and without him we would not have been able to construct our addition to the house after our 150th Anniversary. He was also responsible for the renovation of our basement into bedrooms to accommodate our growing brotherhood. His generosity has kept our house in excellent condition for decades and with him having passed away last year, we hope many of our brothers will join us in stepping forward to keep the account on strong footing.

Any gifts are meaningful and appreciated. We are grateful for your continued support of the Eta Chapter. This house owes so much to all of you, and we extend our sincere gratitude for your continued consideration as we enter the holiday season.

Trip Mullen ʾ09
DKE Alumni Advisor

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