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Year in Review

During spring 2023 recruitment, we were excited to have 17 new members join DKE. We had a wide array of backgrounds and personalities including a mix of first and second years, and several varsity athletes. We are truly excited to welcome them into the Delta Kappa Epsilon brotherhood, and we are looking forward to our remaining time with them.

We congratulate our class of 2023 graduates and are appreciative of their contributions to the house during their time at the University. We wish them the best in their endeavors after graduation and look forward to their continued support of the house.

I would like to use this newsletter to congratulate Scotty Martin (ʼ24), our Boree, and the rest of the actives on a job well done throughout the year. They have navigated the past two semesters safely and successfully while still enjoying their time at the DKE house and hosting successful social and philanthropic events.

170th Anniversary

The last year held many notable achievements, events, and times of comradery. The fall of 2022 marked a major milestone achievement for the DKE house on Grounds as it celebrated its 170th anniversary. If you didn’t read about the 170th, check out the recap on our website and the feature in the DKE Quarterly.

House Renovations

In preparation for the 170th Anniversary we completed some much-needed updates to the house including a full kitchen and pantry renovation, and rebuilding the second-floor porch (or the launch pad as it was designated during my time at the University). The focus for the alumni board continues to be the upkeep and maintenance of the house. In the coming months we will complete some required renovations in the bathrooms and continue the routine maintenance of the floors and structure of the house.

2023 Events

We were thrilled to have time with our alumni in Charlottesville in the fall and again in spring of 2023. Our annual spring golf event raised $7,792.54 for the Bob and Em Green Scholarship. The event was held at the Old Trail Golf Club which provided excellent accommodations. This event has become a highlight of parent’s weekend for the actives and provides a wonderful annual opportunity for our actives, their parents, and the alumni who attend to bond over wayward tee shots.