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“Those of us who had the privilege of helping launch VMR, from 1966 to 1970, share the immense satisfaction of seeing its spectacular evolution each time we return to Charlottesville. It was truly a labor of love (and sweat) that keeps paying back. We shared with today’s crews the core attraction that keeps so many under the influence of rowing—the thrill of teamwork and of making boats go fast!”

—Steve Plott, ’70, Product Marketing Manager for Caterpillar

Whether you rowed for Virginia four years or just one—or if you’re a parent of a rower or a friend of the program—you are part of the Virginia Rowing family. You are very much welcome at any race, practice, or alumni gathering.

Virginia Rowing, like any organization, tries to maintain up-to-date contact information for our alumni and friends. Please click on the “Update Your Information” link if there has been a change in your information. You’ll also receive the team’s snail mail newsletter each semester.