Head of the Charles

The Club Four (right) raced on Saturday at the Head of the Charles in what were epically rainy and nasty conditions. Despite that and some “not so great” practices leading up to the big event, these guys pulled off their best piece when it mattered the most! They finished 18th overall, eighth amongst colleges and fourth amongst ACRA teams. Jackson Ciocca (cox), Grayson Miller (bow), Cade Shaw (2), Matt Solomon (3), Caden Kowalski (stroke). The boat qualified for 2024.

The Collegiate Four (above) raced on Saturday in mild but very windy conditions. They had a solid performance, finishing 11th overall and fourth amongst ACRA teams. Every ACRA boat ahead of them was the respective team’s priority boat, in other words, we have the base for a speedy 2V8 in spring! And they beat Michigan by 19 seconds. Coxwain was Celia Cheng, Nate Lindley (b), Spencer Hurst (2), Ian Forrer (3), Hugh Strecker (s). The boat qualified for 2024.

The Collegiate Eight (below) raced well in the very windy conditions. Perhaps a little too conservative, trying to get a feel for the conditions, they posted the 26th fastest time to the first marker. With more confidence as the race progressed, they started coming back on the other boats’ time, finishing 14th overall and second amongst ACRA teams. Their conservative start may have cost them a top 10 finish, but overall this was a solid performance and result for these guys! Plus, they beat Michigan by 14 seconds. Coxswain was Aymon Daud, Alex Ballinger (b), Michael Leon (2), Brett Hogan (3), Chris Gardner (4), Aiden Boone (5), Tyler Remigino (6), James Reid (7), Noah Amato (s). The boat qualified for 2024.

Collegiate 8 boats at the Head of the Charles