2017 HRR Update Three

HRR Update Three, from 47.3480° N, 8.5278° E

Rising fourth year stroke seat in the eight and Team Captain-elect Chris Hastings has penned this update.

Good morning from Zurich! The team arrived at the Zurich youth hostel Friday evening after a tumultuous last row at Sarnen. The team was eager to explore Zurich Saturday morning, having a bit of free time before racing in the late afternoon. We left with a little more than a map and a vague idea where the center of town was. In downtown Zurich, we visited centuries old churches and guildhouses, and ate at quaint cafes. Connor O’Brien used his German to procure a rare vinyl album, while the rest of the team fumbled about.

A nice coxswain toss to wrap up the day

In the early afternoon, we packed into the vans and drove to lake Greifensee for the regatta. The coxless four raced first and finished behind the Swiss crews. The eight, on the other hand, began to find its groove. They managed to get a length up by 600m in and maintained between 2 and 3 seats open water lead over the local grasshopper rudderclub. After trading gear with a few of the local clubs, we drove to Stallstabe for a traditional Swiss dinner.

As we near the end of the Switzerland leg of the trip, we’d like to once again thank all the friends and family of Virginia Rowing for making this incredible experience possible. Happy Father’s Day! 

If you’d like to see more of our adventure, you can also follow our travels on twitter (@VirginiaRowing) and instagram (@vmensrowing).